High Tau - Treasurer


The High Tau is the Treasurer of the Active Chapter. He shall collect dues, fees and assessments duly imposed upon members and deposits all funds so collected. Funds collected for Lambda Chi Alpha shall not, under any under circumstances, be used for local Chapter purposes. The High Tau shall pay all duly authorized Chapter bills, keep a full and accurate record of all transactions, and make a monthly report to the Active Chapter, to the Alumni Organization of the Chapter, and to the Office of Administration. The High Tau shall report to the institution regularly and without exception the names of all undergraduates owing bills to the Chapter. This shall not prohibit the Chapter from retaining professional accounting and auditing services. Some of the duties of the High Tau are listed below.


  • Prepares the annual budget for the local fraternity with Executive Committee
  • Collects all dues and funds owed to the local and national fraternity
  • Voting member of the Executive Committee
  • Responsible for placing brothers on financial suspension for late payments