Strike Out Strokes

Strike out Strokes is a cause was one that was very close to Brother Oliver Schultz, who in August 2012, suffered from a stroke of his own. After months of rehabilitation and getting stronger, Oliver was cleared by doctors to return to RPI in Spring 2013. This life experience for Oliver has made him realize the true effects of this type of disease. “The stroke I had suddenly occurred one night this past summer, I had no idea what was happening at the time, so my family called 911 and I was rushed to the hospital. When they told me that I had a stroke, I couldn’t understand how someone like me, a healthy college age student, could actually have suffered from a stroke. I am very lucky, and with a lot of hard work and patience I was able to return to school in January.”

As a result of this, Oliver - the High Theta at the time - started a fundraiser called "Strike out Strokes". The fundraiser was a great success, raising over $1,000 that was donated to the American Stroke Association. Prizes, donated from Uncle Sams, Jose Malones, and Ben & Jerry’s, were given out to the top two teams and the top three bowlers. After a several weeks of advertising and team registrations in the Rensselaer Union and the DCC, over 25 teams participated. Teams included other Greek and student organizations. The event took place at Uncle Sams Lanes in Troy on Monday, February 17, 2013. On March 27, 2013, the American Stroke Association came to the chapter house to receive the donation and take a photo with the house, which they later published in Social Media.

Strike Out Strokes has since become solidified as an Annual Spring philanthropy event hosted by Lambda Chi Alpha and Alpha Phi to benefit the American Stroke Association.