Recruitment FAQ

1.  Why become a part of Greek Life at Rensselaer?

Greek Life is truly special at Rensselaer, no matter what fraternity you become a part of.  The true value is the lifelong connections, the amazing network of brothers and your passion and experience at Rensselaer becomes unique.  It is easy to be intimidated by Greek Life, but don’t let it be because you don’t realize its true value until you become a part of it.

2.  Why become a part of Lambda Chi Alpha?

Any fraternity is going to try to convince you why their fraternity is for you.  Lambda Chi Alpha is about looking for those special men that want to become great contributors to the world.  We work to create true brothers through education, leadership and friendships.  We pride ourselves on no hazing or placing you in uncomfortable situations.  We are a strong house at Rensselaer because of our reputation of creating such welcoming and safe environment for everyone we come in contact with.  Come and experience it for yourself.

3.  What is your house about?

Our house is about creating a fun and socially awesome environment, at the same time developing leaders and overall better men.

Truly, the biggest benefits of joining are the personal relationships and memories that you will create.  LXA is also about helping to develop leaders and better men, so being able to take a leadership role and help a large organization is great.  Plus, you can ask brothers to do something at any moment, and you will get guys that will come along.  Greek Life in general is an amazing experience that you won’t ever regret.

4.  What are the biggest benefits of joining?


Currently there are around 60 brothers, on average our house is approximately 70 guys. 25 of the brothers live in the house.

5.  How many brothers do we have?

6.  What other activities are brothers involved in?

Brothers are involved in a lot of other activities including, IFC officers, class officers, varsity sports, GM Week, Red & White, weR, ROTC, so many more.  We encourage brother to get involved and stay involved on campus.

There are 950 living alumni of the Epsilon-Eta Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha.  Lambda Chi Alpha has nearly 300,000 alumni worldwide. Some famous international alumni include Harry Truman, Kenny Chesney, Woody Paige (ESPN), Bill Rasmussen (Founder ESPN), Larry Brown, Rick Pitino.

7.  How many alumni are there from our chapter?

Balance is the most important aspect of being a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha.  There are weekly commitments, like a house meeting, but you don’t need to be in the house or around 24 hours a day.  We make sure brothers are staying organized and balanced in all of their classes and involvement on campus

8.  What kind of time commitment will it be?

Yes, but mainly when you become a brother.  As an Associate Member (before you become a brother) there is a small $100 cost.  We do have semester dues that allow us to create all of the great events, programs and indicatives on campus.  Dues are approximately $650 per semester.  $700 in the fall, $600 in the spring

9.  Will I need to pay dues and if so, how much?

Dues go to many of the programs that the house runs, including rush, philanthropy and volunteer service projects, social mixers and brotherhood events. Therefore, the extra cost out of pocket after the dues is minimal.

10.  What do the dues pay for?

Yes, we have a scholarship given out to a brother every year, but you can also work some of the dues off through house projects throughout the semester.  We can also work with any brother on setting up a payment plan if that works better for them.  Don’t let the amount of dues dictate if you become part of a fraternity because the long term value you get out of it is truly remarkable.

11.  Is there any financial support if I can’t pay?

The Chapter House sleeps 25 of our brothers, with a good mix of sophomores through seniors.  We have a lottery type system in place to be sure it is fair and balanced as to who lives in the house.  No matter if you live in the house or not, most likely you will end up living with brothers on campus or in an apartment together.  All brothers have full functionality of the house at all times and are encourage to be there.

12.  Can I live in the house