Fat Sandwiches a Huge Success! - Proceeds Donated to Relay For Life

On February 25th brothers held our second annual Fat Sandwiches event at the house where we made Fat Sandwiches to sell to the local community. We we're able to raise a total of $1322 in just under 3 hours of selling sandwiches! The Fat Brandon was the highest selling sandwich, selling a total of 47 sandwiches, and a total of 154 sandwiches were sold all together! Thanks to Evan Schulze for planning the event and all of the other brothers who helped to cook food, make sandwiches, deliver them, and supported the event.

All of the money raised was donated to Relay for Life putting our chapter at a total of $3489 and pushing us into first place on campus ahead of The Relay Committee ($1894) and Alpha Gamma Delta ($1220). If you would like to make a donation to our chapter and support the fight against cancer, click the link below.