High Pi - Alumni Advisor


The High Pi serves as the chief judicial officer and the representative of the Grand High Zeta in the Chapter. Appeals from decisions of Chapter officers, complaints, etc., shall be made through him to the Grand High Zeta when necessary. He should attend the majority of the Chapter meetings. He shall furnish such reports as may be requested of him by the Grand High Zeta or the Executive Committee Vice President, and he shall have such further powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Laws of the Fraternity or delegated by the Grand High Zeta. Some of the High Pi’s duties are listed below.


  • Alumni Chapter advisor who helps advise the Chapter on pertinent issues
  • Chief judicial officer of Chapter
  • Advises the Chapter and its officers
  • Serves as the direct representative of the Grand High Zeta in the Chapter and reports any violation of the laws or policies of Lambda Chi Alpha
  • Voting member of the Executive Committee
  • Attends weekly Chapter and High Zeta meetings
  • Point man for Chapter alumni