High Kappa - Fraternity Educator


The High Kappa is the chairman of the committee on Fraternity Education. He shall plan and supervise a course of fraternity education for all members based on the history, aims, ideals, laws, programs, policies, and traditions of the institution, the Lambda Chi Alpha, and the Chapter. The High Kappa is also responsible for the spiritual and physical growth of the fraternity. Some of the High Kappa’s duties are listed below.


  • Plans the New Member Education program for the year
  • Link between Associate Members and Chapter Brothers
  • Responsible for all New Member events for the semester, including weekly meetings, Kappa reviews, Bid Night, and Big Brother Night, among others
  • Heads Kappa Committee meetings on a weekly basis during program
  • Proposes candidates for initiation
  • Ensures that all forms of hazing and segregation of initiates and associate members are eliminated